Two-Day Tour in Batumi
Discover the wonder of the Black Sea shore, visit Batumi Botanical Garden, and, during this two-day tour, go see captivating sights such as the Delphinarium, Batumi Boulevard, Ali and Nino, the Wedding Palace, and the Dancing Fountain. Have a unique experience while capturing the modern landscape of Adjara on film.
1Batumi Botanical Garden
Imagine a botanical garden that spreads along an entire kilometer of the Black Sea coast, with more than 5,000 species of plants from different climates and landscapes, providing an array of vibrant colours. Welcome to Batumi Botanical Garden, one of the most beautiful places in Ajara Region.
2The Panoramic Wheel - One of the most popular sites in Batumi
The Panoramic wheel can be seen from afar and has incredible panoramic views of the sea and mountains.
3Batumi’s Miracle Park
Miracle Park is an open space built on Batumi’s seaside boulevard, leading to rare examples of modern architecture and sculptures.
4Sherif Khimshiashvili St. 9 in Batumi
During the 2010s, projects by the world-famous modern architects, Shin Takamatsu (the former commercial center on Sololaki Ridge), Michele De Lucchi (the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Bridge of Peace), and Massimiliano Fuksas (the Justice Hall, the Music Center, and the Art Gallery in Rike) were completed in Tbilisi. However, it is not famous foreign masters of the art who have brought Georgia to the world’s architectural stage, but rather a young Georgian architect whose building was constructed in 2013, and quickly won worldwide acclaim.
5Batumi Dolphinarium
The residents of the Batumi Dolphinarium entertain visitors six days a week (except Mondays), rain or shine.
6Batumi Lighthouse
If you love tales of the sea, then you should pay a visit to the Batumi Lighthouse, which is located directly where the lines of latitude and longitude cross at 41 degrees.
7Dancing fountains - a landmark of Batumi
Batumi is a beautiful seaside city that invariably attracts travelers with its wide, sun-drenched beaches. And in the evening, when the Black Sea resort is lit up with lights, an enchanting water show awaits tourists - one of the largest dancing fountains in Europe, which is the hallmark of the Black Sea coast of Georgia.
8The Legend of Ali and Nino
Every evening, starting at 7 pm, 8-meter-high figures of a man and a woman on Batumi Boulevard start moving in circles. Every ten minutes they approach each other, merge, and separate, then again they approach, merge, and separate…
Batumi is the best place for a seaside vacation in Georgia, especially during its “velvet season” in early autumn when the weather is warm but not too hot. Forbes Magazine even ranked Batumi in the top five best places to stay at a resort for “velvet season”. However, Batumi is worth visiting any time of year, regardless of whether you’re here for business or pleasure. The American Hospitality Academy even deemed Batumi as “the place best suited for tourists” in Georgia as far back as 2012.
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