Two-Day Tour Svaneti
If you are looking for an unforgettable adventure and find traveling through a region full of legend attractive, then you should visit Svaneti and go see Georgia's highest peak, lovely nature, untouched forests, villages with towers harmoniously adapted to the cliffs, and the mountains towering proudly above you.
1Margiani House Museum
From the roaring rivers in the valleys to mountains reaching the sky, and proudly standing Svan towers, Svaneti has many incredible sites to explore. The Svans used the towers as part of their residential homes and shelters during the enemy invasion.
2Tower of Love in Svaneti
As you make your way from Mestia to Ushguli, one of the highest settlements in Europe, look out for the “Tower of Love”, which stands on a huge boulder in the river Enguri.
3Lamaria (Ushguli Mother of God Church)
Ushguli community in Svaneti Region is a truly captivating place; a place steeped in history, culture, unique architecture, and beautiful landscapes. In this community, north of Zhibiani Village, you’ll see one of Svaneti’s most important and impressive sights - Lamaria - also known as the Ushguli Mother of God Church. Standing atop a high hill, this small but proud church has a big historical significance.
4Lagurka (The Kala church of Saints Cyricus and Julitta)
Svaneti is a region of wonders, not only standing out for its ancient rituals, traditions, and bringing the legends to life, but also famous for its fascinating historical monuments. One such monument is the church of Lagurka, named for St. Cyricus and St. Julitta, in the village of Khe. Many legends and interesting customs are associated with it.
5The Svaneti Museum Collection
Svaneti is an ancient region of Georgia renowned not only for its breathtaking natural beauty, but for the unique blend of Christian and pagan traditions that defines its culture. While you’re visiting Svaneti, pay a visit to the Svaneti Museum of History & Ethnography to see the grand history of the region brought to life in front of you.
6Ushguli Ethnographic Museum
In a 13th-century, Svan-style building made of limestone in Ushguli, known as machubi, you’ll learn about the ancient customs and traditions of Svaneti. 
7Mikheil Khergiani House Museum
Mikheil Khergiani was a legendary Svan mountaineer whose name is going to remain in the history of alpinism forever. A 4,960-meter-tall peak in the Turkestan range and an asteroid #3234 were named after him, and in people’s memory Khergiani would always be the fearless conqueror of mountains, the Tiger of the Cliffs.
Nestled among the rolling hills and high mountains, Ushguli in winter is draped in white, while in the summer the green fields, colorful roofs, and Svan towers will take your breath away with their beauty. Visitors to Svaneti usually start taking pictures at Enguri HPP, a truly impressive, monumental dam, but we recommend that you leave space on your memory card for Ushguli too!
They say it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey, but can’t it be both? When you visit faraway Mestia, the journey and the destination will vie for your attention and for space in your camera.
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