Chakvi Village – A Resort for Healing and Relaxation

In the United States Library of Congress there is a photo of the Chinese tea specialist Lao Jin Jao on a tea plantation in Chakvi. The photo was taken in the 1890s when Jin Jao had come to stay in Georgia at the invitation of the Russian entrepreneur Popov, who had imported varieties of tea into the country and brought along a specialist to see to their care. That corner of Adjara became the tea-growing capital of Georgia. The first tea plantation was built there in 1885.
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The History of Chakvi

The first evidence of human life in Chakvi dates back to the Stone Age. Treasures from the Bronze Age have also been found here, including a mortar and other objects of daily life. There are also observation points from antiquity and the remains of a wine cellar from late antiquity, along with its Qvevris. Many archaeological finds from the area can be seen in the Museum of Ajara in Batumi.

A Seaside Climatic Resort

Chakvi is fifteen kilometers away from Batumi, on the banks of the Chakvistskali River and the shore of the Black Sea. It is distinguished from other seaside resorts by its sense of peace and serenity.

Due to its combination seaside and mountain air, subtropical marine climate, the clean sea and sandy beaches, and the nearby pine and eucalyptus forests, Chakvi is an exceptional place for relaxation and restoration. Its air, sea, and sun baths are especially good for those suffering from diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. 

Mtirala Mountain

Chakvi is surrounded by Mtirala National Park, the most sediment-rich place in Eastern Europe. Together with Kolkheti National Park as well as Kintrishi and Kobuleti Protected Areas they make a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site - Colchic Rainforests and Wetlands.

The Mtirala park administration building is in Chakvi, but the visitors center is fifteen kilometers away in the village of Chakvistavi.

Here you can plan a tour on foot, on bikes, or on horseback. There is a zipline in the park, as well as a Ropeway Park where the whole family can have fun, adults and children alike.

Around two kilometers away from the visitors center is a picnic area with a mountain spring and stream. Four hundred metres from there is a 28-meter-high waterfall called Tsablnari. One kilometer from the waterfall is a beautiful lake. As you can see, there is plenty to see and do within the park!

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