Ski Tour at Tetnuldi Resort

Starting point – 2,265m Highest point – 3,345m As is the case with many ski tour routes, the Tetnuldi route is recommended only for those experienced in off-piste skiing. Indeed, taking a certified guide with you on the route is a must.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti


Tetnuldi Peak towers over Mestia municipality in the Caucasus Mountains, at a staggering 4,852 meters. 

Near the peak, there is a large ski area with tracks running around the peak to the north, south, and west.

The Route

The route starts near the first Tetnuldi cable car station, known as Chvabiani, which is 2,265 meters above sea level. Your guide will help you choose, according to the conditions, whether to take the cable car or to advance as a ski tour instead. 

You can go from Chvabiani to the last station, which is named Boris Kakhiani, at 3,137 meters. From here, the trip up to the couloirs of Tetnuldi Ridge starts, where you can ski down to either Chvabiani Station or to villages of beautiful Adishi and Zhabeshi.

Another option is to go to the second station, Goji Zurebiani from Chvabiani, by ski tour or cable car, and to ski down from there to Zhabeshi. 

The highest point of the tour is 3,345 meters.

What to Keep in Mind

You will need an SUV to get to the starting point of the route, and similarly, you will need one to get back from the last point as well.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of necessary equipment: touring skis, an avalanche kit, an avalanche transmitter, a spade, and a probe.

There is a unified subscription service in use for the cable cars at the mountain and ski resorts of Georgia. With a single multi-day ticket, you can use the cable cars at Goderdzi, Mestia, Gudauri, and wonderful Bakuriani.

When taking the Tetnuldi Route, you can stay in a hotel in Mestia or at a guesthouse in the Mulakhi community.

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