Saguramo Reserve

Saguramo Reserve

Saguramo Reserve is one of the best places to hike in the Tbilisi area. The reserve is on the Saguramo Range and is part of the city’s green zone - Tbilisi National Park.

The Saguramo Reserve walking path starts twenty-five kilometres west of Tbilisi, in the city of Saguramo, passes over the Saguramo Range, and ends at the St. Grigoli Khandzteli Church.

Covering an area of 5,241 hectares, Saguramo Reserve is heavily forested with beech, hornbeam, oak, elm, maple, and wild pear. The “pearls” of the Kolkhetian forest of the Saguramo Range also grow there, including bilberry, Colchis ivy, boxwood, yew, clematis, wild vines, and more.

In addition to its diverse flora, the reserve is also home to the critically endangered Caucasian red deer, snow leopards, bears, wolves, jackals, and many different species of birds.

Saguramo Preserve is also interesting due to the historical monuments inside of it. These include the sixth-century Zedazeni Monastery, the Ilia Chavchavadze House-Museum, and the ruins of Vejini Monastery and a royal palace.

There are also many resort areas around the reserve, including Saguramo, Karsani, Zedazeni, Tsitsamuri, and Tserovani. 

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