Ski Tours in Lamaria

Prior experience of skiing in untracked snow is required for this route, and even then the Lamaria ski tour should be planned with a certified guide.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti


Ushguli, one of the oldest villages in Svaneti and one of the highest settlements in Europe, is located 42 kilometers from Mestia. The village extends across the headwaters of the Enguri River, at the foot of Shkhara, 2,200 m above sea level. 

Winter is long and harsh here. The community of Ushguli, with its Svan towers, is very popular among tourists, and is UNESCO-listed.


The journey starts early in the morning, at 2,200 meters above sea level, from the village of Zhibiani. From here, you go from Lamaria Church to Lamaria Mountain, which is 3,000 meters high. The rise in elevation here is thus 800 meters.

You have several options when it comes to the descent, including taking the same track you came up on. Indeed, you can ski down this track to the village of Zhibiani.

You can also descend in the direction of the Enguri Valley and then ski back.

Things to Consider:

In addition to hiring an experienced guide, it is important to be well-equipped with special skis, an avalanche airbag, transmitter, shovel, and probe.

You should be in good physical condition in order to ski here. Otherwise, local specialists can put you through an intensive two-week course to get you in the necessary shape.

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