Ski Trip: Didveli-Imerlebi

Didveli Mountain is a tremendously attractive skiing area, with The Didveli-Imerlebi route relatively short and easy to cover, and thus perfect for beginners.

Main Information

Time: Up to 1 hour

Distance: 1600 meters

Starting altitude: 2,265 meters

Maximum altitude: 2,378 meters

Elevation: 34 meters

The landing vertical - 138 meters

Maximum gradient: 22 degrees


Imerlebi is easily accessible from Bakuriani, and you can cross this ridge without climbing skis. Indeed, you can ski here any time of year. 

Skiing down the hill, you will see a beautiful forest covered with snow. Stay on the right side to stick to the route, and going through the forest you find yourself directly in front of Didveli Residence. 

From here, to get to the ropeway, you will need transport. 

What to Bring

Similar to other routes, you should take this route with a certified guide and must bring all necessary equipment.

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