Skiing in Mestia (Hatsvali and Tetnuldi)

Svaneti is one of Georgia’s premier destinations for adventure tourism, because, in its alpine zone and forests, you will have fantastic opportunities to enjoy freeride skiing, hiking, mountain-climbing, heli-skiing, multi-day ski tours, paragliding, and more!

What Will You See at Hatsvali?

Hatsvali is the first ski resort in Mestia where, in addition to skiing on the pistes of intermediate difficulty, you can freeride on untouched snow in the forest. In the dense forests of Svaneti, snow remains dry for a long time, and does not start melting until late in the season, creating the ideal environment for freeride skiing. These freeriding routes are unmarked, so you’ll need to take a certified guide with you.

Another popular option at Hatsvali is heli-skiing, where you ascend the slopes of the mountain in a helicopter and are allowed to ski on the untouched snow there.

There are two restaurants at the resort, one of which is by the middle cable car station, and the other is at the upper station. Zuruldi, which is at the upper station, is especially beloved by visitors, especially for the gorgeous views of Ushba and other glaciers from its terrace.

Going to Hatsvali is most comfortable by cable car, which is within walking distance from the centre of Mestia. There is also a car road, which can be taken during the winter with an SUV. 

Once you have reached Hatsvali, you’ll find another cable car to take you up to the ski courses. Tickets can be purchased at both cable cars.

What Will You See at Tetnuldi?

Tetnuldi is a relatively new resort in Svaneti. It is located seventeen kilometres away from Mestia, and you will need to use an SUV to get there. 

Unlike Hatsvali, Tetnuldi is covering the alpine zone and is comfortable for both professional and beginner skiers. There are four cable cars there. The first one is at an altitude of 2,260 metres above sea level, and the last at 3,160 metres above sea level.

There are a number of freeriding zones on the northern slopes of Tetnuldi. You can ski down to 1,400 meters from there. The two routes that connect the communities of Adishi and Mulakhi are especially popular. Those routes will take you directly to family hotels where they will host you with homemade kubdari (meat pie), chvishtari (cornbread with cheese), tashmijabi (potato and cheese mash), and other delicious traditional foods.

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