The Great Patriotic War Museum

Georgia is a nation that used to stand up for the protection of its independence and selfness for ages. Located at a vital crossroads between Europe and Asia, it has been in the field of interest of multiple empires. When it comes to the wars that Georgia has experienced over the centuries, it is the Second World War that the people of Gori believe to be one of the most important. In part, this is due to the fact that Stalin, one of the leaders of the Allied Powers and the ruler of the Soviet Union, was born in this city.
Shida Kartli

It is no coincidence then that the Great Patriotic War Museum can be found in Gori. Covering both the war and its victors, it stands close to the popular Stalin’s House Museum, at Stalin Avenue 19.

Those with an interest in seeing and hearing the stories of war from the point of view of the people should make the time to visit this visceral and fascinating museum. Within, you’ll find displays of the personal effects of Gori residents who fought in World War II - their photographs, medals, uniforms, letters, ceremonial flags, and more.

The wall of the museum is decorated with a bas-relief depicting the heroism of the Georgians who fought in the long war, while in the grounds you will find a cross inscribed with the names  of all those from Gori who lost their lives in World War II.

There is also a section within the Great Patriotic War Museum dedicated to the 2008 Russo-Georgian War. Here, you can see photographs depicting the damage done to Gori by Russian shellings, the situation the citizens had to go through.

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