The Royal District Theater

The Royal District Theater emerged as part of Georgian theatrical life with its first performance in June 1997. Since its first sold-out performance, the theater has hosted various theatrical troupes and remains very popular.

What Does the Royal District Theater Have to Offer?

Many legendary directors of world theater have put on plays at the Royal District Theater, including Temur Chkheidze and Robert Sturua.

The beautiful building theater is of historical importance, located in Old Tbilisi, at 10 Gia Abesadze. It was built in 1875 as a synagogue, but burned down at the end of the 19th century and was not rebuilt until the 1930s. The 1988 earthquake that ravaged northern Armenia also damaged this building, along with many other buildings nearby.

The building has never fully recovered, and if it wasn't for the insistence of the founders of the theater, Iza Gigoshvili and Merab Tavadze, that the theater stay in its original location, it would probably have been destroyed by now.

As a result of many years of tireless work, today the Royal District Theater attracts audiences not only with its spectacular staged performances, but also with the exceptional beauty of its building.


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