Villa-Reta Spa

For those wanting to avoid crowded resorts, vacation with the Black Sea in the background, and achieve complete relaxation, there are few places better than the Villa-Reta Spa in Guria.

The hotel has a well-equipped beach, seventeen rooms capable of accommodating forty guests, a beach bar, a covered pool, a library, a children’s area, and on-site parking.

There are a number of saunas in this spa-hotel, including an infrared sauna, a Siberian cedarwood barrel sauna, and a mini-sauna. On-site doctors are available to design a plan for both curative and cosmetological procedures.

The hotel’s restaurant offers both European and local dishes prepared by professional chefs. All dishes are prepared using environmentally conscious, locally grown produce.

Everything here is healthy – the food, the air, the sea, the sand, the sun…. absolutely everything!

Villa-Reta Spa is twenty-five kilometers away from the town of Lanchkhuti. The closest railway station is Ureki (6 kilometres), and it is ten kilometres from the port of Poti, and fifty kilometres from Batumi airport

If you’re looking for a relaxing, healing beach escape, Villa-Reta awaits!

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