The Gomarduli resort sits on the northern slope of the watershed of the Achariskali and Vaniskali rivers in Shuakhevi municipality of Ajara Region. It is located in 65 kilometers from Batumi and 8 kilometers from Shuakhevi, 1120 meters above sea level.
Distance to the location by road from:
7:55 hr
1:55 hr
4:45 hr

Gomarduli Ski Resort

The resort welcomes you at any time of the year, but winter is particularly special. In Gomarduli, snow falls in November, lasts until April, and often reaches two to three meters in height. With a a 300-meter-long track and a hand rope, as well as an on-site ski school, it is a wonderful place to learn skiing.

Relax in glorious nature

Gomarduli’s glorious scenery is covered with subtropical flora. The combination of moderately humid air, tall trees and alpine fields provides plenty of opportunities for relaxation and adventure. 

Gomarduli is also a perfect place for retreats and yoga classes. Deep breathing in the pristine mountain air is beneficial for the heart, blood vessels and respiratory tract.

If you are into culture and anthropology, visit Gomarduli in the middle of August for the Jvaroba and Shuamtoba public festivals, when the spirit and traditions of Ajara Region are on display through folk dances, songs, and fairs selling local products.

Eco-cottages for guests

Accommodation in Gomarduli includes small wooden houses and family-type hotels. Here you can taste local rich and hearty Ajarian dishes, made mainly from milk and butter.

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