Nabeghlavi - Balneological Resort in Guria

Once you visit Nabeghlavi, you will find wild nature, an ecologically clean environment, a cool river valley, waterfalls, and springs of unique mineral water, which today is sold in more than 20 countries outside of Georgia.
Distance to the location by road from:
5:05 hr
2:15 hr
1:50 hr

Nabeghlavi Location 

Nabeghlavi village is located in the Gubazeuli River Valley in Guria Region.

Starting your trip from the center of Chokhatauri Town in the direction of Bakhmaro, Nabeghlavi is 23 kilometers away. On the way, in the gorge of fast and beautiful Gubazeuli River, you will find picnic spots and see local children swimming in the river. They can show you how to catch crayfish and fish by hand.

Nabeghlavi Mineral Water

When you go to the village of Nabeghlavi, remember you can drink an unlimited amount of mineral water here. Nabeghlavi water, which takes its name from its place of origin, is light and pleasant to drink, and its health benefits have been known for more than a century.

The first source of water was discovered here in 1905. It was then studied and its chemical characteristics as well as health benefits identified.

Nabeghlavi mineral water is effective not only in the treatment of gastrointestinal, liver, and biliary tract diseases, but is also beneficial for the joints, skin, and nervous system. It cleanses the body of harmful substances and enriches it with essential minerals. Moreover, it can be used for both drinking and bathing.

In 1958, factory bottling of this water started, and it now complies with EU standards and is sold in more than 20 countries.

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