The Guria Region is well-known for its ancient history and its beautiful, verdant landscapes. There are many cool forests, mineral water springs, alpine meadows, and amazing cultural monuments here. It is in Guria, high on the Meskheti Mountain Range, that you’ll find Sanislia, a place where, as the locals will eagerly tell you, miracles can happen.
Distance to the location by road from:
4:50 hr
2:00 hr
1:30 hr

The Special Properties of Sanislia Water

Sanislia is famous for its healing thermal mineral waters. The inhabitants of the village say that it can be used to treat diseases of the skin and peripheral nervous system, as well as circulatory inflammation. 

However, these healing properties have not yet been clinically proven.

How to Get to Sanislia

Getting to Sanislia is an adventure in its own right, taking you on an impromptu tour of idyllic rural landscapes.

You’ll drive towards Bakhmaro, passing through the Gubazeuli Valley along the way. Near the villages of Nabeghlavi and Chkhakoura, you’ll come to a fork in the road, where you’ll turn left towards the mountain village of Zoti.

Once you reach Zoti, you’ve just got fifteen kilometres left to reach Sanislia, where you’ll find wooden houses and makeshift baths, where the Zoti farmers will host you.

The Outstanding Nature of Sanislia

Sanislia Mountain is 2,665 meters above sea level. The winters here last for six to eight months, so the best time for the healing baths is during the summer months of July and August.

The mountain walking trail taking you from Chokhatauri to Sanislia via Zoti is especially attractive for hikers. You can bring your own tents or, if you feel like it, spend the night in a wooden cabin.

From Sanislia Mountain the road leads to Bakhmaro and Kidobana Mountain, where you will find summer pastures and beautiful alpine meadows.

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