In this beautiful, emerald-hued village in Samegrelo, a church, a synagogue, and a rich European palace stand side by side.
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The first Georgian millionaire, Akaki Khoshtaria; a female Georgian horse-rider named Kristine Tsintsadze, famous for participating in the Wild west Show in the 19th and 20th centuries in the USA; and the Georgian poet Dutu Megreli, whose poem “I am a Little Georgian” is still taught to children, were all born in this village.

It is also said that the history of this fascinating village starts in Antiquity.

The History of Sujuna

Sujuna is a beautiful village spread over a broad meadow on the shores of the Abasha River on the road between Abasha and Poti.

Some researchers believe that this is where the ancient Georgian kingdom of Colchis was located, whose greatness was also represented in Greek mythology.

The legendary king of Colchis, Aeëtes, founded the harbor Sujuna, which had a bustling city around it, here, on the Abasha River, three thousand years ago.

In the late Middle Ages this village was the residence of the Chkondidelis, the most influential bishops in western Georgia.

In the 19th century, Sujuna became the center for village commerce in Samegrelo. At that time, Jewish families, who had been brought by the bishop to develop maritime trade, also lived there.

The Sights of Sujuna

You should begin your acquaintance with the village at the 19th-century domed St. George Church in its center. It is a dignified and graceful architectural monument that has retained its original form.

The place of worship for the local Jewish population - a 19th century synagogue - has also been preserved untouched in the village.

A beautiful palace, built in 1915 by Italian architects, is also worth visiting. It was gifted by the most famous 19th-century Georgian financier - the country’s first millionaire and a great philanthropist - Akaki Khosteria to his mother, and then, after her death, to the village for educational purposes.

The hospitable locals will tell you many fascinating stories about that great person, who emigrated after the Soviet occupation of Georgia.

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