4-Day SUV-Tour in Stepantsminda

Stepantsminda is 157 kilometers from Tbilisi, in Mtskheta-Mtianeti municipality, in eastern Georgia, 1,750 meters above sea level. Its alpine lakes, waterfalls, beautiful rocks, and cultural heritage attract numerous tourists every year.

The day I: Tbilisi-Zhinvali Reservoir-Ananuri Castle-Stephantsminda

Depart from Tbilisi heading towards Natakhtari village. Continue to the north across the Georgian military road. On the way, you will see the Zhinvali reservoir and the 16th-century Ananuri fortress.

From Kvemo Mleti, the ascent to the Cross Pass (2,385 m) begins, considered by the "National Geographic Society" to be the border between Europe and Asia. On the way, you will pass the Gudauri mountain ski resort.

You can spend the night in Stepantsminda either in a luxurious hotel or a family-type hostel.

Day II: Stepantsminda-Dariali Valley

Take the road north to the Georgia-Russia border from Stepantsminda following the Dariali valley. You can also visit the beautiful waterfall of Gveleti located near Gveleti village.

Then continue to Gergeti village and go up to the Holy Trinity Temple in Gergeti. You can spend the night in Stepantsminda.

Day III: Stepantsminda-Juta-Truso Valley

From Stepantsminda, visit Sno valley, Achkhoti, and Sno villages. From there, go up to Juta village (2,000 meters above sea level), hidden in the mountains, where the majority of old customs and traditions have survived to this day.

Return to the central highway from Juta village and head south to Kobi village, where you will enter the Truso valley. This road follows the river Tergi, where you can see old ruins, travertines precipitated from mineral waters, a bottomless lake, and historic and cultural monuments.

Return to Stepantsminda to spend the night.

IV day: Stepantsminda-Tbilisi

Leave for Tbilisi on your last day.

Useful Information

Use an SUV, equipped with either A/T or M/T tires, to travel the route. Enable offline GPS and in case of an emergency, contact the Public Safety Management Center at 112 available 24/7.

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