Paragliding in Sighnaghi

Sighnaghi is a historical city, located 120 kilometers from Tbilisi in the Kakheti Region, on a southeastern slope of the Gombori Range, 840 meters above sea level.


The take-off point is 444 meters high near the Kiziki restaurant in the city center. The total height of the flight goes up to 1,000 meters and the landing point is set up near the road near the village of Mashnaari.


You can fly in Sighnaghi all year round.

Who Can Fly?

People of any age can fly,  as long as they weigh at least 30 kilograms and no more than 220 kilograms. People with disabilities can paraglide at this equipped location, however, minors can only fly with written parental consent.

How Should You Prepare for a Paragliding Flight?

A flight with a tandem pilot does not require any special preparation, because ten minutes before the flight the pilot will give you instructions. During the flight, both the pilot and the passenger must wear a helmet, close-toed sports shoes, and sunglasses.

In summer wear light clothing long enough to protect you from sunburns, and apply sunscreen. In other seasons, wear warmer clothes to get the most enjoyment out of the flight. 

Maximum Enjoyment and Safety

The pilot’s chair is equipped with a proper parachute. Before the flight begins, the pilot will ask you what kind of flight you want, a calm one or one with acrobatic maneuvers. 

If you would like those unforgettable minutes to remain with you forever, then the pilot can record the flight with a GoPro camera.

The only thing that the passenger is required to do is take in the view and enjoy it as much as possible. You can book a flight with the Georgian Paragliding Association or with the Rotor Paragliding Club in Kakheti.

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