Zipline in Sighnaghi

If you want to enjoy the views of historic Sighnaghi, by overlooking the entire Alazani Valley and the Caucasus, there is not better option than the Sighnaghi Zipline.


Located in Kakheti region, on the southeastern slope of the Gombori Ridge, Sighnaghi is a popular tourist destination in Georgia. The town center is 836 meters above sea level.

Zipline Route

Sighnaghi Zipline is located on Baratashvili Street. The length of the line is 400 m, and it takes about 50-60 seconds from start to finish.


Sighnaghi Zipline operates throughout the year.

Safety Precautions

Sighnaghi Zipline has modern equipment and safety systems in place, with experienced instructors working on-site.

What is Required to go Ziplining in Sighnaghi?

First and foremost, one should not have a fear of heights if they are to enjoy the experience fully. 

As for the body weight requirements, one should weigh at least 30 kg and no more than 130 kg.

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