Bike Tour: Sagarejo-Davit Gareja Monastery-Sagarejo-Chalaubani-Sighnaghi-Akhmeta-Zhinvali Dam

Kakheti is a region located in eastern Georgia, where one can discover centuries-old cultural monuments, wine cellars, unique medieval churches, impressive fortresses, and fascinating nature. Moreover, if you like extreme sports and riding bikes, then there are amazing opportunities to have an adventure there.

Day One

The starting point of Sagarejo can be reached from Tbilisi by car in an hour. From there, ride your bike along the blissfully quiet road across semi-desert landscapes towards Davit Gareja Monastery complex, which takes 5-6 hours. 

Davit Gareja is one of the most stunning religious and cultural centers of the Georgian feudal period. The complex was founded in the first half of the 6th century by the Assyrian monk, David. The monks live there to this day. The views opening up from the monastery are unbelievably beautiful: yellow steppes and dark red hills. After visiting this isolated treasure, you can drive through Chalaubani all the way to Sighnaghi. 

Day Two

The second day is dedicated to Sighnaghi, famous for its cobblestone roads, quaint houses with adorable balconies, and unique beauty. 

From Sighnaghi, the snow-covered Caucasus Mountains and the broad Alazani Valley are clearly visible. The town is also close to Bodbe Convent, which, legend has it, was built over the grave of Saint Nino, and has a healing spring in the forest nearby.

From Sighnaghi, you can reach Lagodekhi town in 4-5 hours by bike. It is a green town on the foot of the mountains, and the entrance to one of the most beautiful protected areas of Georgia.

Day Three

Of course, once in Lagodekhi, visit the National Park - at least, take the shortest route. The maps are available in the visitors center.

After this, then drive to Akhmeta, which takes one-and-a-half hours, and have a break, after which you can continue your journey on bike to Zhinvali Dam. It will take you about 6-7 hours. Then, you can spend the night at a cottage in the “Aragvi Adventure Center.” 

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