Two-Day Tour in Kazbegi
In this region, you will encounter ancient fortresses, medieval churches built atop mountain peaks, exceptional views, and places with unbelievable beauty, where the harmonious juxtaposition of the beauty of nature and of culture will make your two-day trip even more interesting and attractive.
1Peaks of Chaukhi
Chiukhi (Chaukhi) Massif is one of the most spectacular and popular mountain sights in Georgia, which attracts visitors from all around the world. The massif is famous for its multiple peaks, which are attractive for both beginners and professional climbers.
2Ananuri Fortified Castle Ensemble
An imposing fortress that has heroically stood the test of time, Ananuri Fortress was once the fortress of the feudal family residing on Aragvi River, from where they used to control strategic roads. Today, the remnants of this impressive fortification are a popular tourist attraction on the way to Kazbegi.
3Jvari Pass Travertine National Monument
Georgia’s unique geographical location is the reason for the diversity of its nature. Moving boulders, cliff pillars, deep canyons, volcanic formations, boiling lakes, and petrified forests – are all examples of impressive natural monuments and the creativity of nature. Travertine is a hard, porous, low-density, semi-crystalline rock, made as a result of the precipitation of calcium carbonate. It is often secreted from underground waters, creating stalactites and stalagmites in caves.
4Sno Fortress
Everyone should see the beautiful peaks of Kazbegi and Chiukhi Massif at least once in their life. It is impossible to get here and not admire the nature of this amazing land, wrapped in a thick layer of beautiful legends.
5Abudelauri Lakes
The colourful lakes of Abudelauri are one of the most visually appealing natural sights of Georgia. This is also a wonderful hiking destination, so if you're traveling to Georgia in summer, consider adding this wild piece of paradise to your must-visit list.
6Gveleti Waterfall
The hike into the mountainous Dariali Valley is going to leave you breathless, but you’ll somehow still find a way to have your breath taken away by the splendour of Gveleti Waterfall. A short drive from popular Stepantsminda in Kazbegi, this waterfall is a must-see while in the country’s mountainous north.
7Gergeti Trinity Church
Unquestionably one of Georgia’s most recognizable monuments, the Gergeti Trinity Church is sure to have crossed your Instagram page in the past. Soaring high above the clouds against a backdrop of towering mountains, this picturesque 14th century church is a must see on any Georgian adventure.
Stepantsminda stands out on the map of Georgia, not just for being just eleven kilometres from the northern border of the country, but also due to the fact that one of the oldest crossroads between Europe and Asia passes through the town. It is not known when Stepantsminda was founded, but a treasure hoard from the 6th-5th centuries BCE was discovered here.
Georgia is home to many exceptionally beautiful winter resorts, but Gudauri might be the most well-known of them. Situated 120 kilometers away from Tbilisi, this amazing mountain and ski resort is especially popular due to its accessibility. You can depart from sunny Tbilisi and be on the slopes before lunch. Gudauri is covered with snow for about five months out of the year, making it perfect for skiers, extreme sports enthusiasts, active travelers, and people who are drawn to the alpine charm of Georgia’s mountains.
Juta has long been on Georgia’s tourist trail, with long lines of backpackers forming every season at the end of May and persisting through until October. They come in hopes of conquering the breathtaking Chiukhi Mountains and soaking in one of the best views in all of the Caucasus.
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