Skitouring in Mazeri: Village Guli and Guli Pass

The Mazeri ski touring route requires previous off-piste skiing experience. Given the complex nuances that characterize the local environment, both experienced and beginner skiers should hire a certified guide to do the Guli Pass tour.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti


Mazeri, one of the oldest villages of the Becho community, is in the Dolra river valley, 1,660 meters above sea level, in Mestia municipality. From this height, Ushba and surrounding areas are perfectly visible.

Mazeri is 25 kilometers from Mestia with many routes for both winter and summer tours. The Guli pass route passes above the Guli village (which translates as “heart”), a 10th-century settlement in the forest, famous for the shrine of the same century, where the locals from Becho celebrate holidays.


The route starts from Mazeri village and passes through the forest massif, former Guli village settlements, and reaches the alpine zone. From here, it goes towards the heart pass, up 1,340 meters.

Climbing to the highest point of the pass is impossible. The descent starts from a height of about 3,000 meters and finishes in Mazeri village.

What to consider?

You can stay in hotels in Mestia or family hostels in Becho village. Use an off-road vehicle to get to the starting point.

In addition to hiring an experienced guide, it is important to have the right equipment, including, ski touring skis, an avalanche bag, a transmitter, a shovel, a probe, and other necessities.

Good physical training is also required before completing this route. If you need prior training, get in shape with local trainers two weeks before the tour.

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