Ski Tour in Mazeri: Guli Pass and Chalaadi

This route requires generally previous experience of skiing in untracked snow, and it is also strongly recommended to use the services of a certified guide.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The Location

Mazeri is located in Mestia municipality, in the Dolri River Valley, 25 kilometers away from the town of Mestia. The village is 1,660 meters above sea level and from it one can admire the most beautiful views of Ushba Mountain.

Mazeri is one of the oldest villages of the Becho community, where you can also visit the village of Guli (which means “heart”) in the middle of a forest, with centuries-old settlements and towers that are still preserved.

The route to Chalaadi passes through Guli village, with the former located at the foot of a glacier, south of the main ridge of the Svan Caucasus, from where the Mestiachala River flows. The length of the glacier here is six kilometers.

The Route

The route starts in the village of Mazeri after which you pass through a forest, and find yourself in the village of Guli, before heading towards the highest point on the route, at 3,400 meters above sea level. From here, you start the descent to the Chalaadi glacier.

You can ski all the way down to the end of Chalaadi Valley, near the Mestiachala River, around seven kilometers from the center of Mestia.

Skiing on this glacier requires additional safety equipment, as well as the assistance of a certified guide.

Things to Consider

Before and after taking the route, you can stay either in a hotel in Mestia or a guesthouse in Becho.

An off-road vehicle is required to reach the starting point.

Ensure that you pack the necessary equipment, namely special skis, an avalanche bag, a transmitter, a shovel, and a probe.

You should be in good physical condition to take this route, but if you are not, local trainers are on hand to put you through the necessary rigorous course to prepare you for it.

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