Svaneti’s Glaciers - Chalaati

Svaneti’s Glaciers - Chalaati

No visit to Georgia would be complete without a visit to beautiful Svaneti, and no visit to Svaneti would be complete without seeing Chalaati Glacier, the only glacier in the world that passes into a forest zone.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

What Should You Know about Chalaati Glacier?

Chalaati Glacier is one of the most eye-catching examples of climate change in action. On your way to the glacier, you will pass massive boulders, one of which reaches a height of 14 meters. While studying them, researchers realised that they had rolled down from the Caucasus Mountains, demonstrating the glacier's gradual shrinking over four or five centuries.

This complex valley-type glacier is located at the source of the Mestiachala River, on the southern slope of the main range of the Caucasus Mountains and the height of its ice tongue reaches 1,850 meters above sea level.

What is the Chalaati Glacier Composed Of?

Above 4,000-meter height summits: Ushba, Chatini, Caucasus, and Bzhedukhi feed the glacier that comprises two flows. Its main source is the left one, which has three icefalls on top of it. The largest of those is 300 meters high and 700 meters across. 

The road to the Chalaati Glacier starts in Mestia, so if you’re planning to explore the beauty of Svaneti, add this lovely half-day hike to your travel plan.

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