Tskaltubo Plaza

Tskaltubo Plaza

Those who travel often, or simply look forward to long-awaited vacations - know very well what it means to be in a comfortable and well-equipped environment. Located in the resort Tskaltubo, one of the most famous resorts in Western Georgia, The Tskaltubo Plaza hotel offers more than just comfort.

What does “Tskaltubo Plaza” offer?

Tskaltubo is a balneological resort, 7 kilometers away from Kutaisi city. It is famous for thermal-radon mineral water baths. Its pure, soft water with an average temperature of 35 Co treats skin, cardiovascular, rheumatology, endocrinology, or gynecology-related conditions. 

Regardless that Tskaltubo city is famous for its miraculous baths, its microclimate, created by karstic caves and coniferous forests, has equal refreshing power. 

Tskaltubo Plaza hotel offers a modern, welcoming environment and high-quality services. It is located in the main square of the city center and is just a couple of minutes walk from the rehabilitation center. 

At the hotel, you can find a comfortable swimming pool, delicious food, and a calming environment. The hotel is also a designated space for organizing conferences, business events or parties.


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