Vazha-Pshavela and Chargali

Vazha-Pshavela and Chargali

Like something out of a fairytale, the village of Chargali exists in a land of beautiful forests, golden fields, gigantic mountains, and breathtaking views. Located in Dusheti municipality, the village was also the home of the great Georgian poet, writer, and journalist Vazha-Pshavela.

Where is the Vazha-Pshavela House Museum Located?

In a meager, two room and one-story house surrounded by mountains, great Vazha-Pshavela lived and worked from 1861 to 1915. In the yard, you’ll see outbuildings, a traditional oven, and a mill.

In 1961, the poet’s former home was converted into a museum housing exhibits related to the great man’s life and works, including ethnographic materials from the 19th and 20th centuries; the poet’s publications; paintings, crafts, and sculptures dedicated to Vazha and his photographs. 

What will You See at the Vazha-Pshavela House Museum?

Vazha’s personal belongings are preserved in his former room. The sparsely furnished room contains a table, chair, and a fireplace. Vazha’s rifle hangs on the wall as well, as it is well-known that he was an accomplished hunter. There is also a saddlebag woven by his sister Marta, given to her brother as a gift. This is the famous saddlebag in which the poet carried his possessions.

If you’re interested in Georgian history or poetry, a visit to this fascinating little museum is a must.

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