Aragvi Adventure Center

Aragvi Adventure Center is located in Dusheti municipality, near Tvalivi village. Tvalivi is located on the left bank of the Pshavis Aragvi River, on 900 meters above sea level.

What will you discover?

The adventure center, whose main activity is rafting, was opened in 2011. There are different types of cottages that can accommodate up to 30 guests at a time and the kitchen will treat you to delicious Georgian dishes.

The Aragvi Adventure Center offers rafting under the guidance of certified instructors, individual and group bicycle tours, kayaking on the Zhinvali reservoir, and the opportunity to participate in a volleyball tournament. 

Guests of the center can also slide down the 330-meter zipline and there is a playground for children. You can rent boats, rafting equipment, mountain bikes, as well as if desired, tents and sleeping bags on the spot.

How to get there

The Aragvi Adventure Center is located 70 kilometers from Tbilisi and 500-600 meters from Tvalivi village. It is very easy to get there by car. 

When is the camping season?

Aragvi Adventure Center is open from mid-April until October 15th.

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