"X Park" run by “Jomardi” Rafting Club is located nearby Tvalivi village on the left side of Pshavis Aragvi River at 900 meters above sea level.

What will you find here?

A rope park, zip lines, and an obstacle course are just a few of the activities available at X Park

There are easy, medium, and difficult aerial rope routes. Children as young as 6 can walk along the easy ropes. The medium route is for teenagers and adults. The difficult route is for those who are in good shape.

Security measures are in full force in the park and guests are assisted by professional instructors. Aerial ropes are designed with KONG's double protection system to eliminate the risk of falling. The area has 50 campsites and you can rent a tent with a sleeping bag on the spot. Fire pits and picnic tables are available in the yard.

Entrance to the park is free. 

How to get there

Tvalivi village is located 70 kilometers from Tbilisi. You see the sign for "X Park" one km from the village entrance and the rafting base about 3-4 kilometers after.

When is the camping season?

"X Park" is open from late spring to mid-October.

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