Horse Race in Bakhmaro

For almost a century, Gurians and their guests have been meeting at Guria’s Bakhmaro Mountain Resort on the 19th of August for the Horse Race, known locally as “doghi”. At this annual event, the best riders in Georgia also come to take part in the tradition. Gurians themselves have a long history of horsemanship, with Gurian trick riders performing fearlessly in various arenas across Europe and the US from 1893 into the early 20th century.

Where and How does the Horse Race Happen in Bakhmaro?

The Horse Race in Bakhmaro takes place in an unusual arena: the open spaces of the rock-strewn riverbed of the Bakhvistskali River.

The race track goes along both banks of the river, with spectators scattered across the mountain slopes to cheer on their favorite riders. The riders pass through the shallow waters of the river twice during the race, which finally ends in the village market.

Spectators can witness the award ceremony and then browse the bustling market, which sells a variety of products, including hand-made wooden objects and souvenirs.

The Horse Race marks the end of Bakhmaro’s summer resort season. If you’re eager to attend the event, you’ll want to arrive in Bakhmaro the day before the event so that you can find the perfect viewpoint from which to enjoy the festivities.

In its entire history, the Bakhmaro Horse Race was taking place rain or shine. Only World War II and the COVID pandemic have interrupted its more than 100-year-long tradition.

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