One-Day Tour in Kakheti
The most beautiful region of the most beautiful country – Kakheti, where numerous strange and wonderful sights await you, including the spectacular Georgian attraction of Davit Gareji, the village with a grand history known as Bodbe, and the tourists’ choice, a lovely example of the synthesis of past and present, the city of love – Sighnaghi.
1Davit Gareja
The severe beauty of the semi-desert, caves carved out of the bare rock – Davit Gareja Monastery Complex, recognized by National Geographic as one of the 17 most beautiful and wild places of the world, never seizes to amaze its visitors. This unique monument of Georgian Christianity is located in Sagarejo Municipality, about 70 km east of Tbilisi.
2Sighnaghi Museum
If you are enthusiastic about ethnography and are interested in the life, traditions, and culture of historic Georgian tribes, you should visit the state museum in Sighnaghi in eastern Georgia.
3Sighnaghi Fortress
A monolithic fortress that encircles the entire city of Sighnaghi, Sighnaghi Fortress is one of the largest fortresses of its kind in all of Europe and the South Caucasus. Built by Erekle II, king of Kartli and Kakheti, in 1762, the fortress was of immense strategic importance not only for Sighnaghi, but for all of Kakheti.
4Zipline in Sighnaghi
If you want to enjoy the views of historic Sighnaghi, by overlooking the entire Alazani Valley and the Caucasus, there is not better option than the Sighnaghi Zipline.
5Paragliding in Sighnaghi
Sighnaghi is a historical city, located 120 kilometers from Tbilisi in the Kakheti Region, on a southeastern slope of the Gombori Range, 840 meters above sea level.
For a couple in love, Sighnaghi is a wonderful place to visit because of its romantic setting. Cute cobblestone streets, breathtaking views of Alazani valley and the Greater Caucasus Mountains, art, wine, fascinating history, as well as hospitable locals guarantee a lovely getaway.
Linked to Saint Nino, the villages of Upper and Lower Bodbe are perhaps best known for the beautiful Bodbe Monastery. A short drive from Sighnaghi, these quaint villages and their iconic monastery are a fantastic day trip from Tbilisi or Sighnaghi.
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