Three-Day Tour in Upper Adjara
Set up an unforgettable three-day adventure in the wilderness where you will see historical structures like Khikhani Fortress, Skhalta Monastery, and Tamar’s Bridge. During the tour you will also be able to see Goderdzi, the Green Lake, Khulo, Makhuntseti Waterfall, and enjoy a fantastic view.
1Goderdzi Alpine Botanical Garden
After exploring the sea and tropical nature, move to the alpine zone of Ajara, toward the Alpine Botanical Garden of Goderdzi.
2Green Lake
At an altitude of 2058 meters above sea level, 116 km away from Batumi and 6 km from Goderdzi Pass, a beautiful green lake is shimmering in a mixed forest. It is this dense forest and environment that gives the lake its bright green color.
3Khikhani Fortress
Atop a steep cliff in the Khulo Municipality of Ajara stands the medieval fortress of Khikhani. While much of this historical building has fallen into ruins over the centuries, four towers, a church, the walls, a wine cellar, a well, and a tone oven still remain as a testament to the fortress’ existence.
4Skhalta Monastery
One hundred kilometres from Batumi, in the Khulo Valley, you will find a unique example of medieval architecture and monumental art - Skhalta Monastery. Preserved in its original form and considered to be the oldest standing monument in Ajara, it is a must-see while you’re enjoying the Black Sea coast.
5Makhuntseti Waterfall
Ajara is most famous for its seaside resorts, but the sea is not the only attraction in this beautiful region. The lush verdant mountains of the region are every bit as enchanting as the Black Sea.
The area of today's Khulo Municipality has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and acquired the name due to its vital role as a trading post. In ancient times, this settlement was called Khula, which meant "trading house". Located 85 kilometres from Batumi, its long history is represented by a number of fascinating historic monuments.
7Goderdzi Resort
Georgia is a popular destination for snow-lovers from across the world, with the always-improving Goderdzi Resort one of Georgia’s most interesting ski destinations. With its high-quality powder and variety of ski trails, Goderdzi offers everything you need for a ski vacation. However, Goderdzi Resort is not just for skiers! Lovers of alpine hiking, extreme sports, and exploring a winter wonderland will find plenty to do here too.
Have you ever dreamed of waking up one beautiful morning in a cottage deep within the woods, the smells and sounds of the forest serving as your alarm clock? Have you ever wanted to see the clouds so close at hand that you could reach out and touch them? Have you ever wondered what it might be like to lay on your back and look up at the unspoiled beauty of the stars? All this and more is waiting for you in Beshumi.
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