Freeriding & Cat Skiing in Gudauri

The mountain ski resorts of Gudauri offer a diverse selection for any skiing enthusiast. Those looking for an active winter vacation will love Gudauri’s ski runs and untouched snow. Here at Gudauri, there is no need to buy an expensive heli-skiing package to reach high altitudes for skiing, since the cable car will take you all the way up to 3,000 meters! You also won’t need to rent transportation to get back up to the top after skiing down the slope, since you will be skiing right down to the area where the cable car begins.

Gudauri’s Freeriding Routes

If you’re looking to ski on untouched snow, be sure to ski down the north slope of Gudauri. 

Here you’ll end at Kobi Community in Kazbegi, where there is a cable car you can use to ride back up and ski down into a different village.

In Gudauri you should also try skiing down Bidara Mountain. The snow cover is excellent, and the surrounding mountain scenery is breathtaking.

Things to Keep in Mind

Anyone who skis will know that freeriding is only for experienced skiers. However, no matter how skilled you may be, you should only plan to freeride with a certified guide. These qualified locals know the mountain conditions and the places that are most at risk of avalanches better than anyone and will ensure you stay safe on your skiing adventure. 

They will plan your route based on your group’s physical capabilities, weather, and snow quality to ensure you have the best day of skiing possible.

In addition to hiring a guide, you’ll also need to come well-equipped with freeriding skis and an avalanche kit.

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