10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Georgia

10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Georgia

There is not a single region in Georgia where you will not come across at least one lake. Some of them stand out for their color, others because of the views you can enjoy around them, and some of them are said to have mysterious artifacts at the bottom. Here, we are going to tell you about ten lakes that might make you feel like you are in a fairytale when you see them.
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     Ritsa Lake

Ritsa Lake is the deepest lake in Georgia and indeed the whole South Caucasus. However, this is not its only distinguishing characteristic. It changes color according to the season: in spring, it is a greenish color, while in winter it is bluish. In addition to its diversity of colors, the mountains around the lake add to its marvelous beauty. Ritsa Lake is in Gagra, in the basin of the Bzipi River. This territory is temporarily occupied by Russia, and the entrance there is possible only from the territory controlled by the Government of Georgia. 

     Tobavarchkhili Lake

Tobavarchkhili Lake, also known as Vertskhli Lake (Silver Lake), has an interesting myth attached to it. The lake, surrounded by snowy cliffs, reflects the blue sky and the clouds like a mirror, so they look like they are only a stone’s throw away. This lake is located in Samegrelo, and is the largest lake on the Egrisi Range. 

     Paliastomi Lake

Paliastomi Lake is a synthesis of beauty and nature-related activities. The views from the shore of the lake or while taking a boat over it are truly unforgettable. The lake is located in Samegrelo and Guria, bordering Kolkheti National Park, where you will encounter exotic animals and plants. Paliastomi Lake is also the perfect place for watching wild birds. 

     Green Lake (Mtsvane Tba)

Another lake distinguished for its beauty, while also being an interesting destination for those who love hiking and wilderness. It is located in Ajara, in Khulo municipality, and truly lives up to its name. The water’s green hue is due to the nearby pine and beech trees. This place is popular for picnics and hiking. 

     Gabzaruli Lake

The extraordinary natural monument known as Gabzaruli Lake is located in the village of Kumistavi in Tskaltubo municipality at the base of a wide crack, opened across slopes covered in leafy forest. It is 25 meters from the opening of the crack to the surface of the lake, so you will need special equipment to get down there. Gabzaruli Lake is one of the most attractive places in the country for extreme activity enthusiasts. 

     Udziro Lake

The beauty that you will encounter at Udziro Lake in Racha is difficult to fully describe. The lake reflects the surrounding green meadows, cliffs, and white peaks, which have an unforgettable effect on the viewer. A view of the Caucasus Mountains spreads out in front of the lake, while the scents of the alpine meadows and their flowers waft wonderfully all around. 

     Paravani Lake

ფარავნის ულამაზესი ტბა

Of the many stunning lakes in Samtskhe-Javakheti, perhaps the most sensational is Paravani Lake. In addition to being very beautiful, this lake has the largest surface area in Georgia. On this you see an amazing picture painted courtesy of the nearby scenery, no matter the season. Moreover, from spring to autumn, you can watch migrating birds there, and in winter you can see how the surface freezes over. 

     Bateti Lake

This lake is especially beautiful in fall, when surrounded by colorful trees and when the combination of the sky, clouds, and leaves are all reflected on the surface. Part of the lake has become a marsh, intensifying the lake’s beauty further still. Another thing that makes Bateti Lake stand out, is that the endangered northern banded newt lives there. 

     Black Rocks Lake

Black Rocks Lake is located in the highlands of the Kakhetian part of Caucasus Mountains, 2,500 meters above sea level. You will have to be in good physical shape or be adept at riding horseback to reach it. In addition to the attractiveness of the lake and the surrounding landscape, on the way you may well encounter wild animals and birds, like deer, chamois, ibex, grouse, Caucasian snowcock, and lammergeier.

     Bazaleti Lake

Bazaleti Lake is outstanding for many reasons. The views, landscape, therapeutic properties of the water, and the legends that have circulated about the lake among people for centuries, have long attracted tourists. It is located between the high mountains of Dusheti municipality and is visited all-year-round, and is memorable for its fresh air and unforgettable views at sunrise and sunset. 

Finally, it should be confessed that, of course, no list could ever be long enough to encapsulate all of the glorious lakes scattered around the various regions of Georgia like pearls, or to describe their beauty in sufficient depth. Every one of them, whether large or small, on a mountain or in a valley, stands out with their own unique character, meaning there is much more to discover than what has been written here.

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