Things to Do in Batumi

Things to Do in Batumi

Located on Georgia’s twinkling Black Sea coast, the intriguing city of Batumi resembles a lighthouse alerting wanderers to rich cultural diversity, architectural glitz, and natural beauty. Whether you are an experienced traveler, a history buff, or a nature lover, Batumi has you thoroughly covered.
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In this overview of Georgia’s seaside jewel, we delve into the attractions and other reasons making Batumi a must on their Georgia travel schedule.

Is Batumi worth a visit? 

Most definitely! With its symbolic Ali & Nino Statue, the unforgettable Batumi Botanical Garden, and other unique places, every corner of the city and its surroundings are breathtaking in their own delightful way. 

The City of Batumi has long been famed for its avant-garde architecture and dramatic cityscape. This is where ancient traditions coexist with contemporary style, and the warm local hospitality enriches its charming ambiance, making it a welcoming destination for visitors.

Though the city hosts many architectural wonders, its allure extends far beyond those. In particular, its breathtaking botanical gardens, the astounding Batumi dolphinarium, and lively squares that host numerous festivals all contribute to the city's undeniable glory, offering a rich tapestry of experiences.

Is Batumi affordable?

Compared to other European seaside destinations, Batumi is relatively inexpensive. Moreover, it boasts a wide range of eye-catching hotels, quaint cafes, and entertainment. From luxury resorts to cozy guesthouses, there is something to match anyone’s tastes in Batumi.

Is it safe in Batumi?

Crime is scarce in Batumi, which, like the rest of Georgia, is considered a very safe destination indeed. Nevertheless, visitors are advised to take standard safety measures, as they would in any popular city. Routinely, visitors feel entirely safe exploring the sights of the city at all times of day, enjoying evening strolls along the promenade and soaking up the celebrated nightlife.

Can you swim in Batumi?

Absolutely! Batumi’s coastline and sea are adored by visitors and locals, who revel in a refreshing swim in the clean sea waters or indulge in some sunbathing on the shore in the summer heat. 

How Many Days Are Enough for Batumi?

To have a truly wholesome experience of Batumi, at least three to four days are recommended. Such a period of time allows one to visit all of the city’s highlights leisurely, laze on the beach, and perhaps even check out the staggering charms of the surrounding Adjara region.

Ali & Nino Statue

Situated right on the shore, the moving statue of Ali and Nino is a symbol of true love and unity and is one of the most important landmarks today in Batumi. Depicting the protagonists of the revered novel, two sculptures gradually move towards each other to merge as one briefly, before separating again. The statue is a touching reminder of the magic of love, and the sadness of parting.

Batumi Boulevard

The colorful, palm-tree-laden Batumi Boulevard is a busy promenade that runs along the Black Sea coastline, with many cafes, bars, and parks in which to unwind. Whether on foot or bicycle, it’s the perfect spot from which to absorb the breathtaking sea views.

Batumi Botanical Garden

In the days of the USSR, Batumi was considered to have one of its largest and richest botanical gardens. Sprawling across an area of 108 hectares, a spectacular diversity of plants from all around the world grows here. Moreover, the stillness of nature here offers a calming serenity away from the noise of the city.

Batumi Dolphinarium

Batumi Dolphinarium is a wondrous spot for visitors of all kinds, including of course families. Here, you can attend amazing shows where dolphins perform various clever tricks, showing their extraordinary intelligence and grace of movement.

Alphabetic Tower

The Alphabetic Tower on Batumi’s seafront is a truly memorable tribute to  the unique Georgian alphabet, an architectural masterpiece reflecting the country's rich cultural heritage. 

Gonio Fortress

From Batumi, a short drive south takes you to the unforgettable Gonio Fortress, an ancient Roman fort with an invigorating history dating back to the 1st century AD. For history lovers, the fortress gives you a rare glimpse into the ancient past of the Georgian seaside.

Miracle Park

Batumi’s Miracle Park is a vast recreational space located on the boulevard, full of shining examples of modern architecture and sculptures for which the city has become famous. Here, among other fascinating features, you’ll find Batumi’s Ferris Wheel, one of the most popular attractions in the city for people of all ages.

Meanwhile, for a scintillating bird’s eye view of the city and its surroundings, the Argo Cable Car whisks visitors to the top of Anuria Mountain, where breathtaking panoramic vistas can be thoroughly enjoyed, and where “selfies” are all but obligatory!

Dancing Fountains

The spellbinding Dancing Fountains spring up in central Batumi, marking a magnificent combination of light, music, and spray. Its curvy and graceful streams of water, either soaring upwards, twisting in a spiral, or falling like rain, are accompanied tastefully by colorful lights and famous music.

Overall, Batumi is a city where natural beauty and modernity exist in perfect harmony with historical reminders, offering a full spectrum of experiences. Whether exploring the lush landscapes of the Botanical Garden, delving into the ancient history of Gonio Fortress, or simply enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Batumi Boulevard, this Georgian city is sure to capture your heart.

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