The Best Things to See and Do in Georgia in Winter

Explore the capital

Even though Tbilisi is not as appealing in winter as it is in other seasons, visiting it during this time of year is still worth it. If the weather is a bit warmer, embark on a walking tour and admire the city’s iconic landmarks. Make sure to stroll down Rustaveli Avenue and explore the beautiful architecture of the Opera House and the Rustaveli Theater.

Try a traditional spa

Tbilisi is known for its sulfur bathhouses located in Abanotubani. The mineral-rich hot springs that feed the baths are good for skin and overall health. If you get cold walking around the city, you can pop into one of the many houses that offer different price packages for however long you’d like to indulge. Please note that these baths are not public baths. You’ll get your own room and you can even ask a masseuse to scrub your back.

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Good news about visa to Georgia!

Getting to Georgia just became easier. Good news for those who had to apply for the Georgian visa, checking the e-visa page and thinking what to do. Recently the Government of Georgia simplified the procedure for you. Now, those who possess a visa and/or a residence permit of any country listed in the following list may enter and stay in Georgia without visa for 90 calendar days in any 1